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Our mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with the products we provide. As part of our expertise in reusable wooden packaging, we put the customer and his needs first.

Scope of activity

In our offer you will find a full range of wooden packaging. Thanks to our experience, a large spectrum of cooperators and suppliers, we are able to meet customers’ needs for even the most unusual orders.

We offer a product that meets strict phytosanitary requirements, confirmed by the IPPC certificate, so it can be safely offered to customers around the world. Accessories complementing our basic offer, allow the customer to modify the packaging configuration on their own, which provides full flexibility.

Global reach

We deliver our wood packaging to customers around the world, covering the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway and selected locations outside Europe. Based in the heart of Europe, we manage efficient distribution, meeting your needs, regardless of location.


The company was founded in 2011 by two experienced friends in the woodworking industry. With the support of her family, she began producing wooden packaging.

With the increase in market demand for good quality organic products, the company obtained IPPC certification. In order to increase production capacity, it was relocated to Kalensk, where it acquired qualified staff and invested in automated production lines for the manufacture of pallet extensions.

Thanks to the competitiveness of its products, the company is seeing an increase in market share. In order to meet the expectations of contractors, the company also decided to purchase an automated pallet production line, while obtaining UIC certification.

Significant growth prompts owners to change the legal form of the business from a partnership to a limited joint-stock partnership. By putting money into pellet production lines, owners are taking steps toward better waste management and environmental protection.

With the aim of further development, the company invested in a new production plant in Witnica, where it also obtained a decision on support in the Economic Zone. The measures taken made it possible to expand the range of goods and provide good quality products for customers.


We rely on our team, their experience and commitment, and as a result, we attach great importance to selecting employees to fit the dynamic culture of the company.


Our customers attach great importance to product quality and reliability. In response to these needs, we buy only wood from certified and renewable sources. Most of the wood we use comes from Scandinavia and Germany.We have the ability to track each batch and certify the origin of the wood in the products delivered.

We mark our products with the IPPC Stamp, which guarantees that the products meet phytosanitary requirements, are free from wood pests and with a moisture content not exceeding 18%.

What kind of wood packaging do you need?