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As a reputable manufacturer, Framepack supplies wooden transport boxes, which are indispensable in the process of transporting and storing a wide range of products – from delicate electronic devices to various industrial components to bulk goods. Our wooden transport boxes are designed to provide maximum protection and efficiency, regardless of the nature of the cargo.

With the introduction of pallet boxes and wooden crates, Framepack is responding to the needs of the modern market, offering products characterized not only by strength and durability, but also by reusability and ease of adaptation to various logistics requirements. This makes our transport boxes a key solution for companies seeking to optimize their logistics processes while ensuring the safety of the goods being transported.

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Crates 1200×800

Our 1200×800 wooden transport boxes are designed to maximize the efficiency and safety of the goods being transported. Made of high-quality wood, they guarantee strength, stability and protection for a wide variety of loads.

Each wooden transport crate is constructed of sturdy wooden planks, which provide not only optimal protection from mechanical damage, but also from adverse external conditions such as moisture and temperature changes. In addition, the pallet-size (1200×800) based design makes them easy to store and transport, both in warehouses and when loading them onto means of transport, offering an excellent logistics solution to suit standard industry requirements.

The materials used in the production of our pallet boxes are carefully selected to ensure long-lasting strength and reliability in all conditions. Wood, as the main raw material, is subjected to treatment processes that increase its resistance to external factors and pests, which significantly extends the life of our products. In addition, all wooden crates from manufacturer Framepack are equipped with security systems, such as strong closures and sturdy hinges, which further protects the contents of the crate during transport.

Why choose our wooden crates 1200×800?

DURABILITY AND DURABILITY: One of the biggest advantages of our boxes is their exceptional durability. They are designed to carry and store heavy, fragile, or even dangerous cargo, providing protection from damage, moisture, as well as temperature changes. Made of resistant wood, the boxes can be used repeatedly, which translates into savings and contributes to environmental protection.

Reusable: wooden shipping crates from Framepack are designed for long-term use. Their sturdy construction and ability to be easily repaired make them suitable for many transport cycles, which is beneficial from both an economic and environmental point of view.

Ease of adaptation to different types of goods: The structural flexibility of our crates allows for easy adaptation to virtually any type of goods. Whether you need to transport electronic equipment, food products, machinery, or hazardous materials, we can customize a crate to meet your cargo’s specific requirements, including dimensions, type of protection, and loading and unloading methods.

Specific features of a wooden transport crate: Our crates are equipped with functional features such as sturdy closures, strong hinges, and optional features for easy handling, such as handles or forklift fork holes. All this makes them not only safe and convenient to use, but also extremely functional, which greatly facilitates logistics and storage.

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Use of wooden crates

Machinery and heavy industry: In the heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing sector, where components often carry considerable weight and require special protection, Framepack wood boxes provide the necessary strength and protection against mechanical damage and corrosion. Wooden box pallets, thanks to their adaptability to specific dimensions and weights, are the ideal solution for the safe transportation and storage of such cargo.

Electronics and technology: For delicate and valuable electronic devices such as computers, servers, and audio/video equipment, wood crates offer both physical protection and protection from external factors that can damage electronics. Pallet boxes make handling and transportation easier, providing stability and safety during movement.

Agricultural and food sector: In the agriculture and food industry, where products often need protection from temperature changes and moisture, wooden crates provide an effective solution for transporting and storing goods. Their natural insulating properties help maintain stable conditions for food and other agricultural products.

Art and Collectibles: For works of art, antiques and collectibles that require the highest level of protection during transport, customized wooden crates with special shock-absorbing systems provide security and peace of mind for collectors and museums.

Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, where the transportation and storage of hazardous substances requires special safety measures, wooden boxes can be adapted for the storage and transportation of materials, ensuring adequate protection and compliance with regulations.

Certified products

At Framepack, we attach great importance to the quality of our products and to meeting the highest industry standards. Our pallet wood boxes are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control procedures, which guarantees their strength, safety and longevity. As a result, customers can have full confidence in our wooden crates, both during transportation and storage of goods.

Certifications and Quality Standards:

  • IPPC Certificate (ISPM 15): All of our pallet boxes are treated according to the international ISPM 15 standard, ensuring their phytosanitary safety. This means that they are properly prepared for international transport, eliminating the risk of spreading wood pests.
  • ISO Quality Certifications: Framepack is proud to hold ISO certifications that confirm our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality management and continuously improving our manufacturing processes. These standards ensure that each wooden shipping crate is manufactured to the highest industry standards.
  • Eco-certifications: we are committed to protecting the environment, so we use wood from sustainably managed forests, as evidenced by the relevant eco-certifications. We use renewable materials and make sure that our production has as little environmental impact as possible.

Quality Guarantee: Every pallet wood crate that leaves our factory is carefully inspected for workmanship, durability and compliance with customer specifications. This commitment to quality and precision enables us to offer products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

The extensions are equipped with colored brackets, and it is also possible to put the customer’s logo or a slogan of their choice on part or all of the surface – what will be placed on the pallet extension is always up to the customer. This makes logo extensions unique, so they can be not only a practical item for safe transportation, but also an interesting form of subtle advertising for the company.

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