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Pallet extensions in standard and non-standard sizes, with personalization. Colorful hinges add to their uniqueness.

  • Standard 1200 x 800 mm or 600 x 800 mm

  • Custom – any dimensions according to the customer’s request

  • With customer’s logo or painted in full

  • Colorful, unusual hinge

No matter what type of business your company represents, pallet extensions are the right solution for transporting and storing goods.

This type of packaging provides product protection and increased storage capacity, and is also environmentally friendly packaging.

Advantages of using pallet extensions

The right solution for your items during storage and delivery. Our product is the perfect combination of simplicity, cost optimization and processes.

  • Space optimization

  • Reusable packaging

  • Protection of goods during transport


  • Unique storage solution

  • Production accuracy


  • Nature-friendly product

High quality pallet extensions for special applications

For years, our company has been engaged in providing customers with the highest quality products that meet stringent standards allowing them to be marketed not only in the Polish market, but also abroad. We offer wooden crates, pallets and pallet extensions, which are used in transportation. What are the distinctive features of pallet extensions and when can they be useful?

Pallet extensions

A pallet extension is nothing more than an enclosure whose function is to cover and protect the goods stacked on a pallet. It keeps all the contents safe for easy transport and storage. Such pallet extensions are used for wooden pallets, although they can also be used for those made of plastic. It’s a solution that will make it easier not only to transport or ship goods, but also to store them.

The pallet overlays offered by our company are made of the highest quality wood, which is certified and from renewable sources. When you choose our products, you are choosing eco-friendly solutions that have a positive impact on ecology and nature. Thanks to the design, it is possible to use them widely in the transportation industry, and in addition, we enable the fabrication of extensions in various sizes. Pallet extensions can also be signed with your company logo or other mark to distinguish your goods.

What are the characteristics of a pallet extension?

The pallet extension can be custom-made, and the standard sizes allow one to be superimposed on top of the other to better fit the package. The wooden extension is not only sturdy and safe, but also allows the production of customized dimensions, which in turn will affect the precision of packaging goods and their safety.

The pallet extensions offered by our company can be equipped with colorful hinges to make the packaging original. For production we use only certified wood, which bears the IPPC signature. In addition, we also offer accessories, such as lids, dividers or binders, which will facilitate the use of the extensions. We have been in the business for years and our priority is to provide the highest quality to make every customer satisfied. When you choose our pallet extensions, you not only choose a reliable product, but also receive assistance and expert advice.

Why choose pallet extensions from our offer?

The pallet extension can be stacked, and thanks to its hinges, it can be quickly folded and stowed away when not in use. The main advantage of using extensions is to protect the goods that are on the pallet. The wood pallet extension is a sturdy, strong and safe product, which will prove useful not only in transportation, but also in the warehouse or even in the garden. The pallet extender will greatly facilitate the work in the warehouse or packaging of goods, but also works well in the garden.

Our company’s mission is to provide products made of wood to improve logistics and housekeeping, but we also consider the visual aspects. Since wood is a natural and beautiful material, extensions, crates or pallets not only provide excellent protection for goods, but also look great. One should also not forget the ecological aspect, which is quite widely discussed around the world these days.

What kind of wooden packaging

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