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Wooden crates, including models based on our sturdy extensions, as well as unique specialty crates created to individual, detailed customer requests.

  • Boxes based on extensions

  • Special cases on request

Advantages of using wooden crates

  • Wooden crates are durable and great for protecting contents from damage

  • The natural look of wood adds character to stored items

  • Wood as a renewable material is greener than plastics

  • Wood’s ability to breathe protects items in the box from mold

Wooden boxes for various uses

Wooden crates can be used in a variety of industries, due to the many advantages they have. Our company offers custom wooden crates, pallet extensions and pallets, which are made of certified wood from renewable sources.

What kind of wooden boxes are in our offer?

Wood is a natural material that can be used to create boxes of different sizes and parameters. The cases on the extensions can be freely configured and adjusted to suit your requirements. It is also possible to order boxes according to your needs, which will meet the most demanding tasks. Both will work well in transportation, light industry, horticulture, retail and warehouses.

All the products we offer are distinguished by their reliability and precision. With years of experience and passion, we are committed to each project and make every effort to ensure that every customer is satisfied. Quality is guaranteed by certificates that confirm the safe use of our boxes, and also allow them to be sold on international markets.

Where can wooden crates be used?

Wooden crates are an integral part of sea and land transportation. Transport boxes are excellent for protecting the contents, they are safe, strong and can be custom-made. It is also an excellent solution used in warehouses, and wooden boxes can be used to store small products, electronic devices, appliances, as well as glassware. They perfectly protect the contents not only from damage, but also from the adverse effects of external factors.

Wooden shipping crates are great for transporting goods of unusual dimensions, and many companies use them to pack packages and cartons that are transported by sea. All boxes made of wood are marked with IPPC certification, which guarantees that the moisture content of the tree is no more than 18%. But that’s not all, as crates that meet these stringent standards allow for the safe transportation of goods around the world.

What are the distinctive features of wooden boxes?

Wooden crates are extremely durable and can be used to store and transport goods of various specifications. Wood is a versatile material, and at the same time it is characterized by unique properties, thanks to which we can offer customized wooden boxes tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers.

The boxes will work well not only for commercial use, but also for private use, and they are distinguished by both their long life and their recyclability or reusability for other uses. By choosing wooden boxes, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of plastic. The environmental aspect is of particular importance nowadays, since the future of the planet depends on each of us.

Choose wooden boxes for your business

Wooden crates from our offer are a guarantee of quality, reliability, as well as the ability to adjust the offer to unusual requirements. Our company was born out of passion and is growing all the time, expanding our offer with more products. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, which translates into a commitment to each project. Check out our offer and choose the boxes that will meet your expectations.

What kind of wooden packaging

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