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Our pallet extensions provide a versatile and practical solution, ideal for transporting and storing products.places. We offer you extensions that are not only economical, but also extremely durable.

Our product is aimed primarily at:

Logistics companies

Ours are indispensable in logistical operations that require moving and transporting goods.

Production facilities

In industrial environments, where there is often a need for temporary storage of products or components, our pallet extensions prove to be an invaluable support. Their durability and reusability translate into significant savings of resources and means.


The extensions significantly simplify the organization of storage space, allowing safe storage of products of different sizes and shapes.


Our solution will be ideal for transporting and storing plants, garden decorations that need proper protection during transport.

Our products

We invite you to take advantage of our offer, information about prices, lead times and shipping can be obtained by phone or email.

Pallet extensions

Pallet extensions in standard and non-standard sizes, with personalization. Colorful hinges add to their uniqueness.

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Conifer, spruce and pine pellets for fireplaces, stoves and boilers. Ideal for those who value quality, efficiency and ecology.

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Wooden pallets

Certified and non-certified EURO wooden pallets, as well as special and used pallets, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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Wooden crates

Wooden crates, including models based on solid extensions and unique special crates, created on individual order.

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Accessories for extensions

Accessories for overheads, such as lids, dividers and binders, make it easier to organize storage, making storage efficient.

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Timber sales

Timber sales include products such as firewood staves, logs, scantlings, battens and plank. We also offer wood waste, sawdust, shavings and other specialized materials.

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