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We also offer custom pallet extensions – they can be of any size according to the customer’s request. Pallet ext ensions are an excellent tool for storing and transporting goods. They are constructed of wooden planks and metal hinges. The extensions are placed on traditional pallets and form a “box” in which goods can be safely stored. Pallet extensions, do not require any assembly, can be opened and folded in seconds and easily placed on pallets. Simple and reliable design is the main reason for their growing popularity, but these are not their only features and advantages.

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Custom pallet extensions and their advantages

Pallet extensions enable space and cost optimization

One of the biggest advantages of pallet extensions is the ability to optimize space, both in the warehouse and during transport. The unique design of the extensions allows them to be stacked in a way that allows for overall space utilization, which is very efficient and cost-effective. The pallet extensions are collapsible, which means they don’t take up much space when not in use at any given time.

Space optimization is directly related to cost optimization in the company. The use of pallet extensions makes it possible to transport more products with logistical space management, which in turn has an impact on reducing costs.

Pallet extensions protect goods

The extensions provide additional protection for goods during transport, preventing damage or destruction, especially for fragile or unusual goods. Using extensions is the best way to increase the safety of pallets and the goods themselves to avoid any inconvenience of damage.

In addition, the wooden extension is highly resistant to impacts and heavy loads and is easy to repair.

Pallet extensions are quick to install

Another advantage of using pallet extensions is their quick installation. Pellet caps are quick to install and apply, saving time compared to other alternatives.

Pallet extensions are environmentally friendly

Our pallet extensions are made only of IPCC-certified wood and are designed to be reusable. Therefore, when you opt for our extensions, you are choosing an ecological and sustainable product.

Diverse applications for extensions

The pallet extension can be used in a variety of sectors and industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to logistics and retail. They are used for storing goods, transporting and maintaining order in the warehouse.

Custom pallet extensions from Framepack

If you are interested in space saving, security and cost-effective solutions for your business, we are here to help you. We offer the highest quality pallet extensions. We offer standard extension sizes of 1200 x 800 mm and 600 x 800, and a custom pallet extension is also available – meaning you can choose any size to suit your needs, ensuring that any goods are packed safely as well as accurately. In addition, we offer the possibility:

  • Add your logo on the extensions or paint the extension in its entirety – logo extensions are a great way to personalize, add professionalism to your company and stand out.
  • Installing an unusual colored hinge in the extensions is another way of personalization and adds uniqueness.
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