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Today in logistics, transportation using pallets is standard. With pallets, it is possible to arrange goods in a stable manner, thus providing them with the best conditions for safe shipping. In some cases, however, it is necessary to reach for additional safeguards. In such cases, practical and durable pallet extensions will be a great solution. These are available in both standard sizes (1200 × 800 mm or 600 × 800 mm) and non-standard sizes, the dimensions of which are according to individual customer needs.

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What are pallet extensions?

Pallet extensions are an inconspicuous, but very useful solution for transporting goods to maintain full safety – this will be particularly important when transporting items that are particularly vulnerable to damage. Pallet overlays additionally add weight to the cargo, so that it is placed in the transport center of a solid and stable.

The most popular solution is a wooden extension – inexpensive, classic and works well in most cases. In addition to transportation, they can also be used for storage. The classic pallet extension 1200 × 800 mm (corresponding to the size of a Euro pallet) is the solution best suited for heavy, vulnerable, unstable goods.

The extensions combined with the pallet form a secure box, ideal for transporting or storing goods. Their design was planned so that they can be stacked one on top of the other – this will create a solid box of the desired height.

Standard 1200×800 pallet extensions are a good choice?

Extensions are an interesting and, above all, functional addition to pallets. They make both transportation and storage easier, and the goods are definitely better protected. Without their use, it is difficult to imagine an efficient organization of transshipment especially when it is necessary to quickly prepare and pack an order. Standard-size pallet extensions are the most versatile solution, working well in almost any case.

The wooden pallet extension is sturdy (you do not have to waste significant resources on repair work) and designed for repeated use, thanks to which it ensures the safety of goods in storage or during transport. In addition, it is easy to install and requires no maintenance or tedious cleaning.

For many companies, the use of pallet extensions will be a huge help to their business.

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Personalization of the extension 1200×800

When you decide to establish cooperation with us, you decide exactly how the extension will look like. Not only can you choose from standard or non-standard dimensions according to your individual needs. We offer the ability to personalize each pallet extension – making each one unique, special and special.

The extensions are equipped with colored brackets, and it is also possible to put the customer’s logo or a slogan of their choice on part or all of the surface – what will be placed on the pallet extension is always up to the customer. This makes logo extensions unique, so they can be not only a practical item for safe transportation, but also an interesting form of subtle advertising for the company.

What kind of wooden packaging

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