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Europallets are an important part of international trade and are the most popular type of pallets in European countries. They are designed to maximize the use of storage and loading space, as well as to counteract their illegal production. All Europallets are characterized by standard dimensions and parameters, as described in international standards.

High quality euro pallets

We offer certified and non-certified euro wooden pallets, as well as special and used pallets to suit the diverse needs of our customers. When you invest in euro pallets, you get a guarantee of the highest quality. Each pallet is composed of 11 boards, 9 supports and 78 nails, according to EPAL and UIC technical regulations. The packages are also heat-treated to ISPM15 and KD standards for added durability.

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Why is the euro pallet a good choice? It is worth knowing the basic features of pallets, and these are:

  • fixed dimension (1200x800x144mm),
  • dynamic payload- 1500kg,
  • static payload capacity-4,000kg,
  • Made from natural raw materials, without the use of chemical treatment,
  • neutral C02 balance.

Europallet was established in the 1950s. last century, and today enjoys worldwide recognition. Its dimensions have been adjusted so that their loading is not a problem. An important feature is their unlimited interchangeability, which has made it possible to streamline logistics operations involving them. The Europallet can be repaired by replacing the damaged section.

Euro wooden pallets-where will they work?

Euro pallets are used in virtually every field of industry. They are most often used in shipping. Pallets are an integral part of any supply chain. In our offer you will find new packaging and used euro pallets, which will allow you to reduce costs associated with transportation. This type of reusable packaging is useful not only for transporting goods, but also for storing raw materials or finished products. Companies also use them as bases for operating machinery, bases for use with packaging machines or as platforms for loading and unloading. The euro pallet also proves useful to private customers, such as for creating garden furniture or during moves.

Advantages of using euro wooden pallets

Euro pallets made of natural raw material are a versatile solution, used all over the world. This package, is easily accessible and simple to use. They allow streamlining the supply chain, reducing the risk of damage to goods or losses. Thanks to them, you can more efficiently use the available storage space, improve safety, as well as the ergonomics of work in transports and warehouses.The low cost of the europallet is another advantage of this solution. The price of a Euro-pallet is not high, moreover, our customers can choose to purchase used pallets.

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How much does a euro pallet cost?

How much a europallet costs depends on several factors. The price of a Europallet may be lower if you buy more packages. In addition, the price of a euro pallet depends on what condition it is in. Of course, new euro pallets price will be slightly more expensive to buy than used ones. Euro pallets price also depends on their dimensions. In our assortment you will find not only those of standard sizes, but also special pallets that will meet all the needs of customers. The price of a Euro pallet of non-standard size packaging will be higher than those commonly used.

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