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Certified and non-certified EURO wooden pallets, as well as special and used pallets, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

    • EURO certified pallets


    • EURO size pallets uncertified


    • Special pallets


    • Used pallets


Advantages of using wooden pallets

    • Universal solution used worldwide for decades


    • Ensuring an efficient supply chain


    • Increase efficiency of warehouses and transports
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Wooden pallets have been a versatile solution used around the world for decades. They are used as a rigid substrate on which it is possible to stack smaller packages and transport them in larger quantities. Their role is also to ensure an efficient supply chain and increase the efficiency of warehouses and transportation. Pallets are designed so that they can be lifted safely with forklifts. Standards have been put in place as to their dimensions so that they will fit into different means of transport or storage rooms every time.

Wooden pallets in our offer

In our offer you can find both certified and non-certified EURO wooden pallets, as well as special and used pallets, tailored to the various needs of our customers. The prepared products are made of high-quality wood, which ensures their strength and durability. Our product range includes:

  • EURO size pallets uncertified,
  • EURO certified pallets,
  • Used pallets,
  • Specialty Pallets,
  • Disposable pallets,
  • Chip pallets,
  • Display pallets
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What are the advantages of using wooden pallets?

The popularity of wooden pallets is due to the many benefits they offer. First of all, they are crucial for ensuring safety during transport and storage of goods, as they protect against shifting and damage, and protect products from moisture and dirt.

Secondly, wooden pallets are very durable and can withstand considerable loads, which translates into reuse and cost reduction. Although there are also disposable pallets, which have their own advantages, such as low price.

Another advantage of wooden pallets is their compatibility and ease of use, as they can be used with a variety of machinery and transport equipment, such as forklifts, commonly used in warehouses and logistics centers.

Environmental issues are also important these days. Wooden pallets, made from natural raw materials, are reusable and recyclable because they are biodegradable. However, it is important to choose suppliers with the appropriate certifications, confirming their care for the environment.

Offer used wooden pallets

Another category of products is used pallets. All used pallets offered by us are fully functional, which has been confirmed by conducting stress tests on them. We also offer a wide range of pallet accessories and add-ons, such as pallet extensions, stops and spacers. In addition, we offer wooden planks and scantlings, which can be used to repair pallets or as filler for other packages.

Where can I buy wooden pallets?

If you are looking for wooden pallets for use in your business or home, you are cordially invited to visit our website We offer a wide selection of wooden pallets, both new and used, featuring high quality, competitive prices and fast delivery. It can be a wooden pallet 120×80 or a pallet size 100×100 . Make your wooden pallet order online or contact us directly. – your reliable partner when it comes to wooden pallets.

What kind of wooden packaging

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