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We offer 600×800 mm pallet extensions, which are commonly used to distribute products with a large surface area and weight, and being half the size of a standard pallet, they allow you to fit the right number of goods.

Pallet extensions are an addition to flat pallets. Among other things, they ensure space and cost optimization and protect goods in storage and during transport. They consist of wooden planks and sturdy hinges. Such a wooden extension is easily mounted on a pallet, transforming it into a complete storage or shipping box.

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Pallet extensions can be safely stacked on top of each other to increase height, allowing more items to be stored on a single pallet. The hinges also allow them to be easily folded when not in use, without taking up valuable storage space.

In addition, we offer extensions with logos and with colorful custom hinges, so you can fully personalize the product.

What makes our 600×800 pallet extension stand out?

The versatility of 600×800 mm pallet extensions allows to suit different business needs and provides a range of benefits. Among them can be distinguished:

Fast and secure order preparation

Many companies continually receive orders that need to be shipped very quickly. Every minute is crucial to ensure that orders arrive on time and customers are satisfied.Pallet extensions allow workers to stack products efficiently, safely and with easy access. Pallet extensions can be easily expanded when stacking products, achieving the desired height by the time the order is ready.

Saving space

Unlike traditional wooden crates, which take up a lot of space, pallet extensions can be folded and unfolded, so they take up little space. This flexible design saves up to 80% of space, significantly reducing storage costs. In addition, the ability to safely stack extensions means that more products can be shipped and stored in less space.

Pallet extensions are efficient and environmentally friendly

The extensions can be used repeatedly – our extensions are really durable! Unlike the alternatives of disposable cardboard or shrink wrap, using a pallet overlay avoids generating unnecessary waste. In addition, our 600×800 mm extensions are made of certified IPPC wood. However, nothing prevents you from using the extension with both wooden and plastic pallets.

Cost effectiveness

The use of pallet extensions will help your company optimize costs. Costs are reduced by saving space and minimizing waste. Another way in which pallet caps can help a company save money is the protection they provide to pallets and goods during the transportation process, reducing the risk of damage to goods and lowering repair costs.

Summary of features and characteristics of 600×800 pallet extensions

  • They are used for wooden and plastic pallets with dimensions of 600×800. However, it is also possible to purchase customized extensions of any size.
  • They are made of certified wood and hinges that can be personalized and given an unusual look and color.
  • The pallet extension can be painted and the company logo can be placed on it.
  • They are reusable.
  • They secure the goods.
  • Optimize space and costs.
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